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On April 22 we are celebrating the Earth Day. On this occasion we are presenting new transformations of the work called DRIFTING. The photographs were taken at the Willows Beach in Victoria. This work deals with the issues of forest devastation by the indiscriminate industry and economy based on shortsightedness and greed. The driftwood is the byproduct of economy based on raw resources, not on value-added products.

In this exhibition I applied some new "formal" possibilities in making the transformations. To begin with, the work was shot on three rolls of film. Previously, - see past exhibitions - I presented three transformations. Each one made up of the photos from a single roll of film. In the PRESENT EXHIBITION, I took photographs from all three film rolls and combined them, mostly, in one transformation: Drifting #4.


Driting # 4 [dimensions:  62½" (h) x 71½" (w); 169 cm (h) x182 cm (w)]

Drifting # 5 [dimensions: 25¼" (h) x 23¾" (w); 64 cm (h) x 60.5 cm (w)]

Drifting # 6 [dimensions: 23¾" (h) x 18½" (w); 60.5 cm (h) x 47 cm(w)]

3 photo-based works by Rene Maisner


FROM AUGUST 10, 2009

U N R A V E L  &  U N F O L D


Construction Mess - Unravel

U N R A V E L  &  U N F O L D

In this exhibition we present four compositions of photographed debris, scattered and discarded objects, rubble and industrial materials.  These randomly laying down objects or fragments are brought together within these compositions which reveal their own inner patterns characterized by symmetry and geometric shapes.  Everyone can see different forms and shapes in these works mounted on metal sheets. 
Each work may be reconfigured in many different ways: the separate components may be relocated to create new compositions.


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